My name is Kevin Wabaunsee. I’m a Chicagoan, a Prairie Band Potawatomi, and a speculative fiction writer.

Quite a while ago, I wrote for newspapers on the health and medical beat. My writing was published in the newspapers across the country. I’ve also worked for research universities for more than a decade, and in addition to my fiction writing, I’m a news editor and communications director for a medical school.

I write science fiction, fantasy, and horror: everything from alien planets to strange biology, and the impossible places they come from. But I also have a soft spot for hardboiled detectives and tales of small-town corruption.

I am a graduate of the Viable Paradise workshop, an associate editor at Escape Pod, and the former managing editor of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

Published Fiction

Trusted Messenger
(Escape Pod 564)

starfish_01_paulshaffner“Trusted Messenger” is a science fiction tale about a frontier doctor on a faraway colony planet, and the strange ethical – and biological – compromises life on an alien planet demands. It’s a tale of a settlement established by an all-indigenous expedition, light years and centuries away from Earth.

(Audio and text available online.)

The Happiest Place
(PseudoPod 661)

amusement-ride-blue-building-2219318“The Happiest Place” is a horror story, a funhouse-mirror look behind the scenes at a strange and otherworldly amusement park, where park employees labor tirelessly to create a perfect land of imagination for the guests. But not all is as it seems, and in spite of the park employee’s best efforts, sometimes the outside world claws its way in.

(Audio and text available online.)

The Great Mandini and the Dead Man’s Hand
(Strange Horizons)

ace-cards-casino-279009“The Great Mandini and the Dead Man’s Hand” is a fantasy story about card magic, secrets, and revenge. In an all-night diner in a dingy corner of Los Angeles, a desperate young magician tries to convince a seasoned veteran to share his secrets. But whenever magic is involved, nothing is exactly what it seems, and sometimes the illusions are much more than they initially appear.

(Audio and text available online.)

Spirits of the Broken Lands
(Apex Magazine)

cracked-mud“Spirits of the Broken Lands” is a fantasy story set in a land wracked by famine, drought, and an oppressive empire that has murdered and stolen the lands of the Shawdese people. In this world, Gwisen Oxendine plies his trade as a street magician, but his unusual brand of magic soon attracts the attention of malevolent forces.

(Text available online.)

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